Roller garage doors are a popular choice for Australian homes and businesses. Thanks to their space-saving design. 

But like any frequently used mechanical system, roller doors require regular maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly and securely over the years. 

Failing to do so can lead to annoying issues like squeaky sounds, jamming and resistance when opening. Worse still, critical components like cables and springs can degrade over time and cause the door to malfunction or fail unexpectedly if not replaced in due time.

Following some simple roller door maintenance tips can help avoid unnecessary garage door repairs and keep your door running like new for much longer. This blog post details the key components of roller doors and the top maintenance tasks you yourself can perform or leave to professionals locksmiths.

Key Components of Roller Garage Doors

To understand how to maintain your roller door properly, it helps to be familiar with its main parts and mechanisms. Key components include:

Tracks - The metal tracks that guide the rollers are mounted vertically to the sides of the garage opening. The tracks should be straight, clean and rust-free.

Rollers - These are attached to the ends of each door section and roll up and down the track as the door opens and closes. Quality nylon rollers minimise friction and noise.

Hinges - Hinges join each section of the curtain together. They need to be firmly tightened and lubricated to prevent sagging.

Springs - Torsion springs counterbalance the weight of the door to make lifting and lowering smooth and easy. The springs should be adjusted to the proper tension.

Cables - Galvanised aircraft cables wind around the torsion spring shaft and attach to the bottom of the door. Cables require regular inspection for fraying.   

Electric opener - Openers consist of a motorised unit mounted to the ceiling or wall with an arm that connects to the door axle. Some have useful extras like remote control keypads and smartphone integration.

Top Maintenance Tips for Roller Garage Doors

Keeping your roller door maintained requires inspecting all the working parts of the system regularly, keeping components clean, lubricated and adjusted, and replacing any worn or damaged pieces immediately. Here are the top tips for roller door maintenance:

Regularly clean tracks and rollers 

Dust, dirt, leaves and other debris will inevitably collect in the tracks and on the rollers over time. A buildup of grime leads to reduced efficiency and can even cause the rollers to jam and seize up. So it's important to keep both tracks and rollers clean.

Here's what to do:

  • Vacuum or wipe down the vertical tracks at least once a week using a soft brush or dry cloth to dislodge dirt and debris. The inside of the tracks can also be cleaned periodically with a silicone spray or polish.
  • Check that rollers are spinning freely and not squeaking. Replace any deteriorated or stuck rollers right away before they damage the track or door panels.

Lubricate moving parts periodically 

Lightly oil hinges, bearings and springs biannually to prevent sticking and squeaking. Be sure to use only compatible garage door lubricants, not regular grease or oils which can attract dirt.

Check and tighten all bolts and screws 

Make sure all hardware is properly tightened. Loose hinges, brackets and track mounts can lead to misalignment issues. Tighten up any loose fasteners but be careful not to over-tighten.

Inspect and replace worn-out parts like cables and springs 

Cables can fray over years of use. Have them examined closely each year and replace if any damage is visible. Torsion springs also wear out over time. If your door is sluggish or uneven, springs may need adjustment or replacement. 

Test the balance and alignment of the door 

An improperly balanced or misaligned door will not run smoothly. Door sections should be level horizontally. The bottom seal should make even contact with the ground. 

Ensure the auto-reverse feature is functioning properly 

Electric openers have a safety auto-reverse mechanism to prevent the door from closing when obstructed. Test sensitivity monthly by placing an object under the door when closing.

Keep the door and its mechanisms rust-free 

Moisture causes steel garage door components to rust over time. Rust can impede operation or even cause rollers and tracks to break down prematurely if severe.

  • Watch for early signs of rust or corrosion and sand down and paint any affected areas immediately to prevent worsening.
  • Avoid moisture damage by recoating exterior steel skins and applying rubberized undercoating to the bottom panel.

Check the weather stripping and seals for damage 

Torn or cracked seals will allow dust, rain, and wind to enter under the door. Replace damaged weather seals promptly to stop the elements from impacting the door's operation. 

Regularly test the door opener and remote controls 

Make sure wall control panels and remote clickers are working reliably. Replace flat opener remote batteries annually. Update to rolling code remotes for improved security.

Schedule professional inspections annually 

While DIY maintenance helps keep your roller door in good shape, an annual tune-up and inspection by a trained garage door technician gives peace of mind about safety and identifies any required repairs or parts replacements.

Keeping On Top Of Roller Door Maintenance

Following these roller door maintenance tips will help ensure your door continues operating at its best year after year. But some maintenance and repair tasks, especially relating to cables, springs and electric openers, can be tricky or even hazardous for DIYers to perform. 

If your roller door is chronically sticking, very noisy, sagging or slamming down too quickly, it likely requires professional service to identify and resolve the problem. Our expert technicians at Clockwork Locksmiths provide complete garage door repairs, parts replacements and upgrades throughout the St George area.

For prompt, affordable roller door repairs, maintenance and servicing by a licensed professional, call Clockwork Locksmiths on 1800 256 259 or use our online contact form for a free quote. We service both residential and commercial customers, so you can rely on our full garage door expertise.